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We specialise in creating real-time, interactive 3D solutions for global customers.

Experts in Unity 3D

Unity is our development platform – We are among the best and most experienced Unity developers in the world! And the only Unity development company established and owned by the founders of the Unity technology.

Creative & Innovative

We can assist you in Ideation & Concept Development, Technical Art Consultancy, User Experience Design, and High-end real-time 3D production and conversion. We will guide you to make the right choices, in accordance with the needs of your target group.


We provide Secure and stable Solutions.
Through our proven development process we create transparency for all stakeholders, keep costs under control, provide built-in quality testing and can take a systematic approach to risk management.


Once we have built your content in Unity we can deploy it across all major mobile, desktop and console platforms plus the Web, Facebook and Oculus VR. With our innovative input devices, you can interact with your content in inspiring, fun and creative new ways.

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“Unity Studios’ developers are very talented and professional. I have been pleased with the creativity and quality of the applications they have built for P&G”

Arthur T. Hart, GBS Innovation Solutions, Procter & Gamble

“The Sparring and the code Unity Studios delivered was exactly what was needed to make the idea come to life”

Karsten L. Kirkegaard , UncleGrey

“I have played ‘Let’s Grow’ for a while now and I love it! The play experience is dreamlike and the execution of the game is A+. Thanks for the great teamwork!

Robert Lou, Partner, SmartGo

“Unity Studios is a valuable partner to P&G. They know how to deliver for corporate clients”

Paul Griffith, Global Business Services, Procter & Gamble

“The team at Unity Studios have been with us all the way and we are looking forward to our continued partnership with them.”

Andy Law, General Manager and Chief Marketing Officer, CyberSports Ltd.

“You are blown away by Unity’s cutting edge technology but the real time support and working directly on the project with Unity Studios also proved to be decisive…”

Ben Byungeui Yoo, Producer, Grigon Entertainment

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