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Unity Studios

The founders of Unity Technologies created Unity Studios in 2008, as a development and consulting company of interactive 3D applications that primarily work with the Unity technology. We create tailor-made solutions that support or optimizes our clients value chain – typically for either sales and marketing, product development, or internal training and analysis.

As of today, we have worked for more than 100 customers from 21 countries on 5 continents and we have been awarded two Red Dot Awards, two iF Design Awards, and two Danish prestige awards for fast-moving companies (Gazelle). Our head office is located in Aarhus, Denmark; we also have a subsidiary department in Los Angeles, California.


  • David Helgason, Joachim Ante & Nicholas Francis, Founders of Unity Technologies
  • Mads B. Troelsgaard, CEO & Partner at Unity Studios
  • Thomas Fenger, CDO & Partner at Unity Studios
  • Sune Wolff, CTO & Partner at Unity Studios


  • Chairman: Jørgen Lindskov Knudsen, Mjølner Informatics A/S.
  • Karsten Vandrup, Arkena A/S.
  • David Helgason, Unity Technologies.

At the core of our work is the Unity technology (in short simply Unity). It is a multiplatform 3D development tool, designed and developed by Unity Technologies Aps to ease creation of interactive 3D applications and entertainment. Unity provides unparalleled multi-platform distribution capabilities which enable us to create tailor made solutions to almost every platform.

Platforms supported (input/output): All dominating web browsers, Windows, MacOS, iOS (iPad, iPhone), Android, Windows phone, Kinect, Oculus, Leap Motion, Eye Trackers, Cave technology, among others.

Other tools and technologies are naturally also involved in our productions and services, and these includes traditional programming tools, art production tools, project management tools, quality testing and much more.

Creative and technical sparring

We assist with shaping your project and ideas – explaining what is technically possible and showing you how it is possible to engage your audiences and customers in innovative new ways. We are the right partner due to our huge experience with Unity, interactivity, emerging technologies and 3D graphics.

Agile project method

We develop what is needed. Our customers are highly included in the project and can therefore add new ideas, features or make changes along the way as they continually follow the progress of the product. This transparency also allows a definite cost accounting. The basis for a successful project is efficient collaboration, communication, respect and understanding of all involved stakeholders.

We consistently apply the SCRUM Project Management Methodology for all projects. SCRUM is an agile software development process, which secures;

  • Transparency for all stakeholders
  • Costs under control
  • Incremental development of features
  • Build in quality testing
  • Systematic risk management – recognize risks in time
  • Rapidly changing requirements

Test & quality

As part of our daily work, we emphasize testing as much as we can to satisfy our customer expectations. Through our technology and expertise we are able to adjust the quality tests according to every project, making the most out of it.

We primarily use two types of testing to ensure the quality of our software, which allow us to integrate solutions at any project stage;

  • The most basic of these are manual test documents, that describe a step-by-step procedure to test a single feature.
  • The more complex testing procedure is a combination of Unit-Tests and automated integration tests, which are automatically executed every night by a test server.

  • Vision

    Release the potential of interactive 3D solutions, to improve life and business for our customers.


    Our mission is to create business value for our customers as a service, through design and development of interactive 3D graphics software combined with modern input and output devices.

    This premise will lead us to;

  • improve and innovate the way in which virtual experiences create meaningful value
  • encourage and inspire people to interact with software
  • augment and provide tools to enable better and more entertaining communication between people
  • include those technologies that best achieve the desired result

  • Values

    Quality & Stability

    Through our experience, highly educated employees and deep knowledge about the Unity technology, we secure exceptional solid solutions.


    Collaboration between developers, teams, customers or partners, makes the result greater than the sum of their individual efforts.

    Professional Confidence

    Integrity is the key to our success. With trustworthy, honest and professional consulting we create long term relationships and better results.

    Perseverance & Determination

    No matter the size or complexity of customer or project, we work with perseverance to overcome obstacles, and determination to deliver our best - every time.

    Experiment & Execute

    We seek the limits of what is possible and develop solutions that push them.

    Internal Synergy

    Trust, responsibility and culture are the elements which seal our values and make us Unity Studios.

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