Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) or Mixed Reality (MR) allows us to view our physical, real-world environment mixed with computer-generated sensory inputs such as 3D objects, holograms, data visualizations, videos, or GPS data.

In other words, it mixes virtual elements into our physical surroundings – a mixed reality.

At Unity Studios, we are proud to be the first Certified Microsoft HoloLens Agency Partners in Scandinavia.

Enhance your current perception of reality by adding computer vision and object recognition. This can provide additional information about the environment, and objects can be overlaid with, for instance, interactive graphics.

These days, AR is typically experienced through smartphones or tablets, however, innovative head-mounted devices (HMDs) such as Microsoft HoloLens and Meta Glasses have now also entered the field of augmented reality. Unity Studios can create your augmented experiences to any of these mentioned devices.
Augmented reality possibilities have grown with the introduction of HMDs. With these devices, your hands are free to carry out maintenance according to instructions on the display, complete training sessions in your physical environment, monitor machine components and react to irregularities, and perform joint decision making through a shared augmented experience between several people. These are simply a few examples of the possibilities brought to you by augmented reality through head-mounted devices.

Holo lens

We can create AR with:

  • Basically a computer, camera and screen
  • Smartphones / Tablets
  • Meta Glasses
  • Microsoft Hololens
  • Mira Prism

Our experience with Augmented Reality

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