Data Visualization

Present Data in New Ways

Visual representations of data have been used by people for decades to understand and communicate gathered information clearly, quickly, efficiently and easily. Today, data collection is exploding due to internet activity and an expanding number of sensors in the environment, including smartphones, satellites, cameras, etc., which increases the need for better utilization of the data.

However, data visualization has become more than info-graphics. Data is no longer just something we can view, it is something we can interact with experience.

Through interaction you allow yourself to process larger amounts of information more efficiently and even retain it for longer
Data Visualization

Evolving Data

With the amount of data available nowadays it can at times seem impossible to fit it all into traditional data charts while keeping an overview. Two dimensions are no longer enough. That is why we recommend presenting data in 3D. Take your data visualization into virtual reality.

Many Possibilities

Whether you prefer the Oculus, HTC Vive, GearVR or something else, you can take your data visualization into virtual reality and experience data in an entirely new way. Adding a 3rd dimension gives you more spaces to work with, visually more compelling results and comparisons, and a near-tangible sense of the data’s impact.

In other words, we can create a virtual world tailored for your data visualization needs. We can make it interactive. And we can show you your data in real time, giving you a sense of how and in which direction your data is moving.

The present digital transformation calls for new ways to work with data, simply because of the sheer amount of data available. Businesses need enhanced ways of sorting and understanding their data. So, whether you wish to visualize your data in 2D, 3D, through an installation, or through a private server system, Unity Studios can advise you on how to proceed and develop a custom and optimized solution for your company.

Some features of interactive data visualization:

  • Engaging data visualisations
  • Optimize understanding of your data
  • Real Time Data processing
  • Intuitive data navigation
  • Convert data to visual objects

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