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MLB's At Bat VR Provides Fans With Virtual Baseball Heaven To Watch Games, Real-Time Data https://t.co/1VADYm5Dpw

MLB Brings Popular “At Bat” App To Daydream VR

Could this partly bridge the gap between Smartphone VR and high end systems such as the Vive and Oculus?

IBM showcasing their AI, Watson, in a Virtual Reality environment. Nice early integration. #Vimeo https://t.co/7R2blBgfGr

See Project Holodeck, our collaborative #VR environment that incorporates the feeling of real-world presence. https://t.co/SajGeBOAw9 #GTC17

"CAD is one of the most promising avenues for virtual reality" - Designnews


MakeVR pro will be interesting!

New app ‘Facebook Spaces’ Opens Door to Third-party Developers #vr https://t.co/J7ZQOZEIaK via @RtoVR

#AugmentedReality delivers a new standard of #service to industrial machinery #manufacturers https://t.co/LuQRuNiTnf

"Unity CEO Predicts VR/AR Takes Off In 12 to 24 Months": https://t.co/0y8RXqywZr

Development of #AR and #VR content must be ready.

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