striker superstars


CyberSports Ltd. created the game “Football Superstars” back in 2008. Their game appealed to both casual and hardcore gamers in the way people could engage with the multiplayer football experience. The developers have continued to improve on their product ever since.

striker superstars
striker superstars


“Football Superstars” garnered success from the beginning, however, wanted to offer their players a faster, more accessible and more engaging soccer game experience. For this reason they approached Unity Studios, who took Striker Superstars from being a downloadable game to it becoming a browser-based multiplayer game.


Unity Studios provided a team of programmers and software architects to undertake the porting of Striker Superstars. The team analyzed the existing code, served as a technical consultancy team and built an improved, Unity 3D based solution. In order to develop the online version of the game, the team had to re-build all animated elements and re-assemble the game in Unity, while also developing and implementing a Unity server client.

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