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We all know Microsoft for their software, but they also have a large physical presence, with offices all around the world. Even though the company is North American, it has also set up a lot of offices in countries outside the US. In fact, Denmark is, with the rest of the Nordic and Baltic regions, one of the geographical locations where Microsoft has made its heaviest investments. This is due to the progressive nature of especially the Nordic countries. Microsoft Denmark currently employs more than 750 people.

Microsoft Dk
Microsoft DK


Microsoft constantly looks for innovation in its way of doing things. This is also the case with Microsoft Denmark, as they decided to innovate their reception area, and make it more engaging. They wanted something interactive on display to replace classic artwork.


At Unity Studios, we needed to create something that could replace the role of traditional artwork, but still be innovative and different. We created a solution that made use of six large monitors, and a Microsoft Kinect. The monitors combine into one large interactive display with colored particles floating around – these particles will interact with any person who moves in front of the screen, his or her movements are picked up by the Kinect. Whilst being a fun display for people to interact with this also doubles as a piece of art. The colors of the particles change according to the season, reflecting the actual building designed by Henning Larsen, which was built with the four yearly seasons in mind. The particles also imitate the temperature outside – their movements being faster when it is warm, and slower when cold. Making this design interactive, virtual, and aesthetic, we have created an installation that both reflects the building it is situated in, and the company it was created for.

Microsoft DK
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