universum der ozeane


ZDF, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, is Germany’s second public broadcasting station. It attracts 13 % of the German viewership, only beaten by Das Erste, and the channel is broadcast all over Northern Europe. In 2010, they released the documentary “Universum das Ozeane”, which was nominated for, and won, several awards. The iteration of the online game was developed in collaboration with Hosoya Schaefer, Shiftcontrol and Patrik Svensson.

universum der ozeane
universum der ozeane


ZDF wanted to create an educational game for their TV-series. The idea would be to engage people through their programs, and then let the viewers explore the ocean more by means of a game. For this they needed developers who could design the 3D environment, and make it run on various platforms.


In collaboration with Hosoya Schaefer Architects (Zürich) and Shiftcontrol (Copenhagen), Unity Studios developed “Universum der Ozeane”. We handled the creation of the 3D environment, which included lighting effects, simulations of marine life, graphical user interface and many other aspects. Developed with the latest 3D technology, “Universum der Ozeane” offered an engaging and user-friendly learning experience to children and grown-ups alike – an experience that was later made accessible on the iPad, following Unity Studio’s re-engineering of the game to fit the tablet platform.
Following its release, the game won considerable praise, including a 2011 Red Dot Design Award and an iF Communication Design Award.

universum der ozeane
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